About El Conde Y La Condesa

Written by award-winning writer Felix Rojas, El Conde Y La Condesa is a riveting one-woman theater performance about Cita Rodriguez’s experience as the daughter of salsa legend, Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez, and the personal impact of their dense relationship. Through a captivating combination of monologue and live music, Cita courageously bares her soul and shares what she misses most about her father.

Accompanied by a brilliant 8-piece orchestra and highlighting songs from her father’s catalogue throughout, showgoers can expect a story of fierce love and loyalty between father and daughter. This is a must-see for music lovers, salsa enthusiasts, and theatergoers intrigued by an honest testimony of family and perseverance.


“This is so much different than a salsa show but I am extremely excited!” says Cita. “This play is really close to my heart, it’s about my father and his musical life- through my eyes. I dug really deep into my memory bank, reliving special moments and not-so-good moments. It has been an emotional experience and I can’t wait to share it with my people!”


Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez rose to international fame in the 1970’s, first with bandleader Johnny Pacheco and later solo. A Fania All Star artist alongside other salsa greats like Celia Cruz, Hector Lavoe, and Cheo Feliciano, “El Conde” is most known for his hits, “La Esencia Del Guanguancó”, “Sonero”, and “Catalina La O”.


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